AweMed Series Therapeutic Moisturiser For Eczema
AweMed Series Baby Friendly Daily Moisturiser
AweMed Itch Relief Skincare For Eczema

Which parts of the body can AweMed® Repair+ be used on?
A: AweMed® Repair+ can be applied onto all parts of the body and face. Avoid application onto the eyes and mouth.

Can AweMed® Repair+ be used on infants and children?
A: Yes, AweMed® Repair+ is safe to use on infants, children and all age groups. All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure best care for the skin.

Are there any side effects?
A: No, AweMed® Repair+ is designed for everyday use. It does not contain medicine and is non-steroidal. There might be transient mild tingling sensation or redness upon application for the first 2-3 days. AweMed® Repair+ does not cause rebound effect.

How often should I use AweMed® Repair+?
A: Apply liberally to the skin 2-3 times daily or when necessary. Daily regular use is recommended to ensure skin is well moisturized and to reduce recurrence of acute and chronic flares. Kindly consult a doctor if symptoms persist.