Applying Moisturizer On The Child's Skin

Care and Management Approaches for Eczema in Young Children

Managing a child’s eczema condition can be challenging and stressful for parents. As a chronic skin condition with no cure, eczema requires ongoing care and attention to prevent flare-ups and uncomfortable symptoms. From keeping the home environment clean to the diligent application of eczema relief moisturizers, there are ways to easily support your child’s skin health....

Understanding the Link Between Eczema and Food

Condition Deep-Dive: Understanding the Link Between Eczema and Food

Eczema is a tricky skin condition that can be influenced by your dietary choices. This connection between eczema and diet has been a topic of growing interest and research, and emerging evidence suggests that what you eat can influence its development and severity. While there is no definitive cure for the condition, modifications to your...